Saturday 2 February 2008

Depth Sensing 3D Z Web Cam: Interactive Remote Control by Hand Signals

Web editor Megan Miller tests out the first interactive remote control and gaming system. Could this be the end of the Wii?

According to 3DV Systems, the depth resolution is quite good: it can detect 3D motion and volume down to 0.4 inches, capturing at the same time full color, 1.3 megapixel video at 60 frames per second. While there have been professional cameras with depth capture in the past, this is the first time that a device of such characteristics is cheap enough to be built into any game system or computer.

Since the ZCam is a piece of circuitry that can be integrated anywhere, and without taxing the CPU, I imagine Apple et al may consider adopting them for future desktop and portables.

Also watch the Molly Woods intro video from Cnet for getting on this unbelievable device.

Source: One & Two & Three
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