Wednesday 16 January 2008

Cloud Computing via A Future of Post Co-operative Devices

The next generation of computers or post co-operative devices, will cohabit a collective terrain of wireless interface connectivity and may not even need/use processors almost every function a computer presently performs for users will be performed on servers;

When Google develops - the switch to cloud computing will be like the switch to electricity, computing is moving from being a tool to a utility.

To get a sense of how big this Big Switch is, Carr points to a similar revolution: the advent of electricity. The real electrical innovation, he argues, wasn't Thomas Edison's idea of installing individual power plants in factories. It was Edison's financial clerk, Samuel Insull, who thought of creating a central plant that powers an entire region, turning electricity into a utility and vastly dropping its price.

So the future looks like turning the glorified typewriter into a tap from which we drink ?

Wired: When does the big switch from the desktop to the data cloud happen? Carr: Most people are already there. Young people in particular spend way more time using so-called cloud apps — MySpace, Flickr, Gmail — than running old-fashioned programs on their hard drives. What's amazing is that this shift from private to public software has happened without us even noticing it.

Thus instead of storing documentation of ourselves on personal devices and media, the future server will act as everyones safety deposit box, thus making our lives less dependent on machines ?

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