Monday 31 December 2007

A Revolutionary New Motor Vehicle Tyre Warns of A Looming Flat

A revolutionary new Motor vehicle tyre is in the process of entering he market and not to dissimilar than most new types of gadgetery will be initially aimed at the high end of the industry meaning Formula One, Le mans and possibly Nascar among others. The motor sports will seriously focus on the benefits of using these new tyres. This invention imbibes the tyre as one big sensor that relays split second information to the controlling function of the motor vehicle, ie. the driver notices a flashing widget on the dashboard warning of imminent tyre failure, which during tests at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, (where it was invented) showed that this information gave adequate time to enable the driver to safely bring the car to a halt before the blowout or whatever may have occurred.

The tyre is: multi-layered of different materials of the entire tyre with different electrical properties. That allows us to then measure anywhere in the tyre..... If you poke it anywhere, like with a nail, we can tell you where it is at and that you poked it........ The tyres are made of specially selected rubber .... A special chip inside the tyre probes the different layers and quickly relay safety information to the driver. says Professor Gary Krutz, director of Purdue's Electrohydraulic Center.

This invention will help save many lives and heaps of expensive road accidents, globally.

Can't imagine what it must be like to be on a highway on which you notice a vehicle go careering across your line of pursuit at around 180 km ?

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