Thursday 20 December 2007

G100 Gumease: Dentistry With Cryogenic Anaesthetics

BioMeDevice, Ltd. has begun marketing a flexible disposable cryo-anaesthetic mouthpiece - it uses cryogenic technology to “chill” the treatment area, thus numbing it. It can be used in conjunction with other pain control methods or as a stand-alone method. In this video Dr. Deborah Ayala performs an extraction without anesthesia using the FDA-approved gumEase G100 mouthpiece.

The gumEase G-100 is prepared by storing in a conventional freezer until freezing temperature is reached. Proprietary solutions inside the mouthpiece prevent it from freezing, allowing it to form comfortably within the patient's mouth for several minutes. Pain reduction lasts for up to twenty minutes, and the process can be repeated as often as needed.In patient tests the new gumEase diminished pain by 90% in 2 to 3 minutes for the average participant. Patients can apply them post-operatively as needed, and reuse without side effects by storing in a household freezer.

This flexible plastic cryo-anaesthetic mouthpiece contains a patented liquid which will not freeze but can be chilled in a conventional freezer. The device dulls the nerves in your gums without conventional anaesthetics, instead using cold to temporarily deaden the maxillofacial nerves. Because it doesn't completely freeze, it doesn't glue itself to your gums with frozen saliva, either.

Way cool huh ?

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