Tuesday 13 November 2007

Puyo:A Spongy Soft Texture: A Honda Fuel-cell Concept Car

The Puyo fuel-cell concept(the fuel cell generates electricity by using hydrogen and oxygen, making water the only byproduct) replaces traditional sheet metal for a soft bodied gel-like substance which they claim is safer in collisions. The material is dense and strong but flexible enough to absorb more impact and because it doesn't crunch, is much easier to repair. The tiny wheels are pushed to the very far corners for stability and in doing so, allows the Puyo to spin 360º in place.

Puyo translates from Japanese that means something "soft and spongy in texture," and for a good reason. Covering the outside of the car is a soft silicon skin designed to absorb the impact of light collisions, much like our own skin. The body of the Puyo lacks and sharp edges in an attempt to make it glance off anything in case of an accident, and because it glows in the dark, those should be few and far between.

The interior is designed around a single idea : space. All you have to do is look at the size of the door to see that. Honda went a step farther by making a 360 degree glass bubble around the top half of the car.

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