Sunday 7 October 2007

FastMac Announces Blue Ray Recorder For Mac Portables

Fastmac announces 2X Blu-Ray Optical Drive Upgrade for Laptops; Low Profile Slot Loading Drive Provides 50 GB of Storage on 1 Disk for Apple PowerBook, iBook, MacBook Pro, iMac & Mac mini; New Drive Cuts Burn Times in Half.

The unit is slated to ship within 30 days and is available for pre-order as we read for a stiff $999.99 US. Whew that equals about 5 Teraabyte of Hard Drives for the same price, the obvious difference is whether you want to carry round a couple of discs in your pocket or fill up your computer desk shelves with hard drives !

Is it only a matter of time before some genius mp3/mp4 player manufacturer turns up with a half size or Mini version of a Blue Ray device. This culd mean a more pocketable and thus attractive format for consumers ?

A 25 Gig Disc is plenty big enough to have up to 10 movies on one Disc !

Source: Engadget
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