Monday 29 October 2007

Convert Audio Cassettes To MP3 And Vice Versa

I'm blogging this clever little blighter for the many of us who have over the years built up huge collections of that once upon a time useful cassette tape. Now with the plusdeckEX Audio Converter we can copy all those tapes over to the mp3 format.

It connects to a computer via USB and includes a 7.1 channel built-in sound card for converting the analog signal from a cassette tape into a digital file format like MP3. The downside of course is that the process can only be done in real-time (unlike ripping an audio CD) but it ensures your analog tunes will be preserved for an eternity.

And for those who are still living with just a cassette player in their cars the plusdeckEX works the other way as well, allowing you to transfer your MP3s to an audio cassette and enjoy them on the road. There doesn’t appear to be any pricing info on the plusdeckEX as of yet, but it’s expected to go on sale sometime in 2008.

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