Saturday 8 September 2007

Proteus: spider boat 5,000 miles on one tank

Proteus, a Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel that looks like a spider, can travel 5,000 miles on one load of diesel fuel. The 100-foot-long, 50-foot-wide boat rides on metal and fabric pontoons that have hinges and shock absorbers to flex with the motion of the waves, which helps it to skim over the water at a max speed of 30 knots. It made its debut yesterday in New York harbor. Essentially conceived and built for military uses, biological studies, ocean exploration and sea rescue the Proteus was designed by Ugo Conti an Italian-born engineer and oceanographer. Its crew cabin, suspended like a gondola from its four-legged superstructure, is appropriately spartan for a boat named for a Greek sea god, who in mythology was able to change into different forms.

Proteus will be able to launch and recover automatic vehicles, do remote vehicle operations, it will be tested for standard dive support operations, putting instruments on the bottom, collecting data — all the things that we currently do in one form or another, but most likely more cheaply, effectively and probably better.

In keeping with that versatility, Proteus (video) does have pleasure-boat potential. It can be fitted with different types of detachable cabins that can accommodate anything from a honeymooning couple to 12 passengers.

Source: Goodcleantech
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