Friday 27 July 2007

code-switching: A little Consciousness Raising?

Linguists define code-switching as an alternation between two or more languages within a single conversation between people who have one or more language in common.
Ah! some people have the impertinance
What this means for most of us is that we participate in, and practice a type of verbal syntactic shape-shifting, frequently changing terms of speech and expression to accommodate the fluctuating needs of discourse within different social and cultural interactions.

re differences between speech and writing, public speaking and private

Often an unconscious act, code-switching is used for many purposes, including protection, identification, recognition, approval, and control.

ah, an obvious highlight of security and encryption qua credit and debt

With this exhibition, Quorum artists address these aspects of code-switching, exploring when and where the switch occurs and why the switch happens.

These probably going to be heaps of diversions in that show which could end up mummifying your intellect. So don't get to close !
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