Saturday 15 September 2012

Gramfeed; locality based photographs search engine convenience

The old adage; 'Seek and ye shall find', has up until recently one entirely relied on Google to search for everything and or anything, Be it websites, blogs pictures, video's and heaps of other reasons. Lately though, and probably more so with the advent of Apps and in particular with your smartphones, tablets or what other smart pocket gadget beholdens you. Now we find things with our favourite App or in this case via our computers or other 'smart' devices.

Gramfeed was until recently only been available to smartphone users as the Instagram app - a once upon time dedicated a stand alone app but now an integrated Facebook app, which makes, taking storing and indexing one's instant photo's, as quick an easy as one captures them. Gramfeed now provides a location based search of untold numbers of localities all around the world, where we can now get instant results from locations that we have an inkling or desire to search for. The significance of these searchers are made by those interesting people who snap, tag with location identifiers and upload for all to see and contemplate.

The beauty of your search results, are firstly determined by the map referenced information one provides, secondly by the photographs snapped by willy tourists or local hipsters. Thirdly, one has to remember that the photos available in there have a wide and divergent quality about them, some snaps have a grimy polaroid camera quality about them. like the curious image in the upper right, of an inner suburban street in Valdivia, Chile. 

Thus begin your search here, but it will be more beneficial for you if you want to upload your own locality photographs to sign for an account, here.

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