Tuesday 2 October 2012

Aquadom, Worlds Largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium

represents an engineering architectural marvel, situated in the lobby of the Radisson SAS luxury hotel in Berlin.  This extraordinary aquarium is made of acrylic glass, 51cm thick, 25m high, 12 metres in diameter holding 1 million litres of salt water with a salinity of 3.3 %. weighing in  2000 tons when filled.

Visitors rooms in the hotel face the external body of the aquarium whilst an immersive panoramic experience can be had for viewers travelling within the core's elevator.

The AquaDom is said to contain around 2600 freshwater and saltwater fish from 56 different species and is maintained by the Sea Life Berlin Aquarium located next door to the hotel.

The underwater world has over 30 tanks showing numerous marine species from the source of the River Spree, on Spreewald, Wannsee, same North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean in which sharks, rays and seahorses are particularly featured as per this entertainingly absorbing personal video of The Sea-Life Centre and Aquadom by Sebastian Niedlich.

The smooth blissful music was composed by Clint Mansell was performed by Mogwai & The Kronos Quartet and is titled "Stay With Me" found on the soundtrack for "The Fountain".

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