Tuesday 11 January 2011

Aquatrack: Civil and Military Amphibious Load Carrier

is a ubiquitous use vehicle on land water snow and ice and exists as only one fully functioning demonstration unit that never received one order !

Aquatrack is capable of reaching places where most others can't. Aquatrack can move from highway into difficult terrain and then into 3 meter breaking waves without stopping.

It has a "5 tonne cargo capacity, capable of carrying a vehicle, stores, or personnel on land and sea. Driven by its tracks or twin variable pitch propellers or both together, it can operate on roads, harsh terrain, mud, soft sand or frozen waste and, without any preparation, move from land into river, lake, or rough seas.

At the shoreline, Aquatrack can enter or leave the water through surf 3 meters high, using both track and propeller drive until completely free of the shoreline area, At sea, Aquatrack's twin variable pitch propellers give speeds (fully laden) of up to 10km/hr. Aquatrack can remain fully operational in sea state 3 (wave height 0.61m), and survive in sea state 5 (wave height 3.05m).

The cargo deck area of the standard vehicle is 4.3m long by 2.6m wide but variations can be provided to meet individual customer requirements. This configuration can accommodate up to 5 tonnes of cargo. Possible loads include stores and equipments; up to 40 seated personnel; or up to 28 seated personnel and a vehicle (subject to vehicle size)." Source.

The documentary styled video here highlights the extreme conditions that this amazingly well engineered vehicle can work in, including how it can help clean up oil spillages and rescue people from floods.

Jane's Police and Homeland Security Equipment has a link to a more detailed overview of this incredibly useful amphibious machine.
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