Saturday 15 January 2011

Dramatic news video and panoramas of Brisbane's flooded CBD

Totally dire flood predicament causes anguish  and despair with floating detritus playing havoc across the Brisbane flood plain ripping at the very hearts of architecture, infrastructure, lives and families.

"Watching Australian TV you might be forgiven for thinking you're in the middle of an apocalyptic Hollywood movie going crazy with the CGI. From the gunmetal gray skies to the torrential rains and powerful floodwater tossing cars around as if they were Hot wheels toys you can't but feel a tremor run down your spine." Liz Pereira

There are 18 people confirmed dead and up to 20 something still missing after 6 days. 1000's of homes completely destroyed, 10's of thousands of people have had to leave their homes knowing that they will come back to utter environmental devastation ?

A couple of days ago Geoff Mackley and Bradley Ambrose who are in Brisbane covering this unfolding disaster,  documented some unique perspectives of the raging torrid down the Brisbane river, cajoling dozens of boats as other items smash into bridges over the Brisbane River.

The river has since reduced its girth and the long and grinding road for clean up and rebuilding is underway. Go here to read more about how the flood unfolded and how the community is now dealing with it.

Peter Murphy has some captured some really excellent photographic panoramas of the devastating floods here.

Also, Australian online mapping company Nearmap, has released a flyover map of the flood devastation, in "super high resolution and you can zoom in and see a walnut on the ground without it pixelating." via
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