Friday 1 January 2010

"Magical Mirrors" Interactive Shopping Displays

Hendrik Send and Daniel Michelis are developing an engaging new marketing tool based on their studies of collaborative interaction with public displays and have coined their Calm Advertising and Calm Computing concepts to directly compete with the "in your face" marketing model.

"Pervasive computing technologies such as a variety of public digital displays, ever-smaller mobile devices, and location sensing and tracking tools are rapidly adopted by the advertising and retail industries. Adoption is driven by the comprehensive business models facilitated by these technologies, a fact that leads us to believe that advertising and shopping could well be amongst the most important deployment domains for pervasive technologies. Furthermore, the two industries are intimately linked: advertising that is the communication of sponsored messages to inform, convince, and persuade to buy leads to shopping, that is the examination and purchasing of goods." read more

The video here shows the public on the streets of Berlin variously interacting with a number of street wide embedded  "Magical Mirrors" or interactive displays.

The accompanying "We are showroom dummies" tune, is a catchy shopping jingle that acclimatizes our shopping spirit, true to their  underlying pervasive conceptual marketing model. In other words: Hey watch out; giant interactive shopping windows, will soon be coming to a store near you !
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