Sunday 3 January 2010

Anima Machines: Biomorphic Robotic Kinetica

Anyone who has pulled apart a hard drive or a car engine will likely appreciate the engineering finesse deployed in Choe U-Ram's biomorphic robotic kinetic sculptures.

Incorporating simple elements such as steel machine parts, sensors and/or lightbulbs, the sculptures, convey an impression of lifelike skeletal structures and organisms. Each piece has its own disposition: hanging from the ceiling, clinging to the walls, hovering over the floor, his unique works explore the boundary between fine art, science and cybernetics, (feedback loop systems).

Choe combines organic forms with machinery to produce eerie sculptures that respond to light and heat. Some works include embedded motion and light detectors and move by interactive participation around them.

Enjoy, Choe U-Ram's photographs of his works at Bitforms Gallery.
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