Monday 13 April 2009

The AstroTable by Onomy Labs and SCISS by Scott L. Minneman

"Demonstration by Scott Minneman of Onomy Labs showing the SCISS Uniview Space Exploration application using the Onomy Tilty/Spinny Table -- a combination we've dubbed the AstroTable. You navigate around the universe with the AstroTable by physically tilting the tabletop to move in ascension and declination (or longitude and latitude if you think that way), and spin the tabletop to zoom closer and further from a target location (typically set to the Earth, but check out the Moon, the International Space Station, and Mars over the course of the clip). It's a very intuitive way to work with this application and navigate around the universe. Uniview is all about full-on universe fly-throughs, with all of the entities correctly positioned and moving in a time-correct fashion. The table's quickly-learned interface lets users traverse the known universe and explore myriad features of what scientists currently know about the vast expanse of space. Turning layers on and off at appropriate points in users' journeys highlight different observable phenomena, like the paths of planets and spacecraft, lines and sketches of constellations, and much more. Current surface datasets of the planets and moons are available, and are really stunning. Pop-up labels and descriptions will help people understand what they're seeing."
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