Sunday 12 April 2009

Nature's Reset Button by DilworthDesigns

San Diego based graphic designer Dilworth has an addiction to photography and a burgeoning love for video and time lapse.

In this video he seeks to highlight the measured and calm pace with which the natural world around us continues to move.

"With timelapse, I find it captures the frenetic energy and pace of our little ant colony of a society in such a unique way, that it was the perfect way to illustrate this point. It truly is a metaphor for how we operate on autopilot in such a hurried way, all the while overlooking the beauty of nature all around us. No matter how crazy things get, take the time to look up and gaze at the clouds or the stars and remember that life goes on no matter how upside down things in our ant colony seem to be."

The music track Endorphin from the album Untrue by Burial helps to coalesce the motion or pace of the video.
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