Wednesday 8 August 2007

Mr Anonymity: Banksy Most Successful Anarchist

This artwork 'a scaled reproduction of Stonehenge as a community installation comprised mostly of, for and with by assistance of the people who used toilet blocks at the Glastonbury Festival 2007

Peter Gibson, a spokesperson for Keep Britain Tidy, asserts that Banksy's work is simple vandalism. The political purpose behind his 'vandalism' is reminiscent of the Ad Jammers or subvertising movement, who deface corporate advertising to change the intended message and hijack the advert.

Banksy gets paid for charity work (e.g., Greenpeace) and can demand up to £25,000 for canvases. It has also been alleged that Banksy has done paid work with corporations such as Puma although this has been denied.

And by whom is totally unclear, such that the man Banksy might exist the trails of back links always seem to end in a plethora of endlessnesses.
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