Sunday 5 August 2007

Objectification of numerical data streams

What an incredibly deliciouso digital signal processing Art piece, Airport Decibal Levels (pictured) is. Mary Bates Neubauer manipulates conjugates morphs and generally mucks about data sets and their numerically discernable component pathways, to birth, a seductive alliterative illusion. Nevertheless her new exhibits are made of layer upon layer of photograms, scanned images, animations, and rapid prototypes that have been processed digitally and combined with basic sculptural molding and reproduction methods.

One could, perhaps, be forgiven for thinking that this image is moreso a layering of distorted fractals rather then a superfical computer graphic but the subtext of her concerns demonstrates otherwise:

It raises questions about how scientific and technical findings are interpreted and what effect this has upon our understanding of the nature of empirical evidence.

Aha, anomolies in cross border patrols can now be manipulated into beautiful looking fractal pictures ?

If you're near Southern California between August 9-September 1, you can see for yourself that there's more to data than meets the eye, by visiting Neubauer's exhibit at the Los Angeles Center For Digital Art
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