Friday 10 August 2007

Electric Car does 100 km/h on 192 AA Batteries

What began as a gimmicky promo for Panasonic Dry Cell Batteries turned into a real electric car using 192 AA batteries. It broke the world speed record for an electric manned vehicle at 105 km/h over the distance of one mile and got documented in the Guinness Book of Records. To achieve the record the driver was very short and was immobilized by the internal structural layout of the design only allowing small hand and feet movement.

The car itself including the 192 batteries weighed only 38 kg since the body were constructed of CFRP and the aramide honeycomb (CFRP or Carbon Fibre is less then one fifth the weight of Iron but equally as strong as Iron and the aramide honeycomb normally used for bullet proof vests created the skin of the car.

The car dubbed the Oxyride for the type of batteries used also hit a top speed of 122 km/h on one of its many other runs. So is it safe to assume that maybe other inventors might exploit the potential in this type of power source ?
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