Friday 4 May 2012

'Black Hole Sun'

ah, yes that's the name of a song by Sound Garden, but it's also precisely how astrophysicist's describe the notion of a Black Hole.

Right on the edge of the 'event horizon' matter shrinks and hurtles possibly beyond the speed of light, towards the singularity, graphically seen in the image here.

Since you can't see black holes directly, how do we know they are there? ;The following documentary video tries to tell the story of black holes up to the first observation of one.

So lets go and fall into a black hole and find out how it would feel to have your body ripped apart by the tidal forces as we enter the event horizon.

Interestingly, yesterday's local news reported, astrophysicist's had successfully detected and recorded "a supermassive black hole devouring a star that had ventured too close - an event that occurs about once in 10,000 years" 

Incredibly, in this next animation, Nasa astrophysicist's have created a computer simulation of this black hole devouring the star; 


NASA recently announced that it will be launching a sophisticated orbiting telescope, this month, which will use high energy X-ray vision to hunt for black holes in the universe. Read on.

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