Thursday 5 May 2011

Time Lapse of the Seattle Space Needle

is a superbly cool time lapse cinematic video, by Filmmaker, Director and teacher Phillip Bloom, shot from a 17th floor room of the Warwick Hotel aerially taking in the Seattle Space Needle tower and surrounding panoramic airspace.

He created this remarkably clever piece of cinematic media art from 150, 000 photo stills and slickly achieved his finished entertaining piece with astonishing sensitivity to motion, story, light and drama selectively adding a musical work of James Newton Howard's from The Happening.

Among the array of equipment he used, was the Canon 5DmkII, T2i, T3i and Panasonic GH2 cameras, and in order to block out reflections from windows, he used the Delkin lensskirt suction camera mount, plus the whole work was color corrected with Magic Bullet software.

Should you be feeling inspired, Phillip succinctly guide's your appreciation of his work in a 21 minute Soundcloud commentary of it, here.
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