Friday 29 April 2011

How round is your circle?

This silent video introduces us to the fundamental engineering technology concepts of the basic and practical techniques of mathematical geometry.

These ideas are elaborated in more detail in the book "How round is your circle? : where engineering and mathematics meet" by John Bryant and Chris Sangwin.

Bryant and Sangwin tackle questions like: When does the width of a saw blade matter to an engineer’s calculations—or for that matter, the width of a physical line? When does a measurement need to be exact and when will an approximation suffice?

"This book builds a bridge across the ordinarily huge chasm separating how engineers and mathematicians view the world. Its innovative approach will be refreshing to readers with an engineering bent, and an eyeopener for many mathematicians. The audience for this book includes just about anyone who has any curiosity at all about how mathematics helps in explaining the world." Paul J. Nahin, author of An Imaginary Tale
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