Sunday 4 July 2010

Multitouch Display Aquarium

Water is the most intimate material for human touch. Here we see a man playing with the surface of a large Multitouch Fish Tank at Deutsche Telekom CeBIT 2009. This rather opulent looking aquarium from q-bus enables interactivity with a computer display interface which is facilitated by tracking software through water, with the ability to play with the fish in the tank.

This appears to be an enlivening experience if only a novel one at best. Nevertheless I envisage a big market for these devices in large department stores, opera theatres, fashion conduits and stadium based convention and entertainment  centers.

The software was created by q-bus to run on an Apple Mac OS X platform. Although it may take a little while to properly load, be sure to check out their entertaining, Expanding Sphere video on the opening page of their website.

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