Friday 2 July 2010

In Pursuit of Significance: A site-specific dance

occurs in non-traditional performance spaces, like the interior and exterior spaces of buildings, airports and streets wherein a site-specific dance choreographer is inspired by a place and creates a dance based on the site.

Site-specific dance choreographers explore how dance can communicate a site’s historical, political, and social context to an audience; by creating relationships within a specific site. In so doing the choreographer creates an appreciation for
an otherwise empty architectural environment.

Here we see the YAF Dancers choreographed by Patricia Chiu perform an engaging and entertaining site-specific dance in the halls and stairways of Western Market, Hong Kong.

The work was presented by the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation and created for the HK Jockey Club Point as part of the Point to Point Site Specific Art Project. I have to admit not knowing anything about the music track or who it's by. Perhaps you may like to inform us by adding comment to this post !

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