Tuesday 1 December 2009

Oyster: Harvests Wave Energy; The new Pearl in the drink!

People often say that "life, shoppers and meteorites come in waves" and so to in a week or so waves themselves have  also come in waves ? Well there was the Google Wave trying to out twit the twitters with a labyrinth collaborative email interface of waves upon waves of waves.
Got a certain spring to it, huh?
Currently the world over is experiencing, waves of news about countries preparing to make green house gas targets and declarations at the Copenhagen summit! More importantly though much progress has been underway to birth the largest working hydro-electric wave energy device.

Aquamarine Power Ltd. has launched its wave energy harvesting technology called Oyster, in conjunction with Queens University Belfast  and the Scottish government.

The device harnesses the abundant natural energy found in near-shore waves and converts it into sustainable zero-emission electricity.  It works by a simple mechanical hinged flap connected to the seabed at around 10m depth. Each passing wave moves the flap, driving hydraulic pistons to deliver high pressure water via a pipeline to an onshore electrical turbine.

Oyster now feeds electric energy into the National Grid, powering homes in Orkney and beyond. A farm of 20 Oysters would provide enough energy to power 9,000 three bedroom family homes.

Hey that's neat. My father always said that "life was like a block and tackle with levers", but hey, Oyster only uses one lever in the drink !

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