Wednesday 2 December 2009

Building Urban Motion by Abstract:groove

is a design studio, based in Milan, defined as a hybrid between a creative collective and a motion design studio, which mainly works on the research of new visual languages in communication and advertising.

Abstract:groove recently created this awe-inspiring temporary outdoor video projection installation on the side of  of the Hotel St. George, in Viale Tunisia, Milan. According to the creators the work is subtitled as, an "oneiric activity of a surface" and is “an audiovisual experiment of perceptive transformation in architecture, through abstract narration, which will show the building as a screen and protagonist simultaneously. Imagine the façade of a building could have a brain and a conscience; consequently it could sleep and dream. Imagine that these surreal forms of life have a characteristic to let loose, during the REM sleep period, a visible transposition of their dreams.”

Pardon me, but I wonder, do many people experience actual sound and or music in their dreams ? ... I mean can we imagine we actually hear music or sound , whilst dreaming ?....the music in this video is probably entitled "wake up call", no ?
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