Monday 7 December 2009

Eigenharp Alpha; the Space Bassoon

is the first musical controller made for both playing and sequencing.

At first glance and listen, re the video, the Eigenharp appears to be an intuitively playable musical instrument, however this new musical instrument seems to be for the technically astute computer software literate musician/performer.

"The instruments talk to their base station by a dedicated, high speed, differential, transformer-coupled, error-correcting digital protocol for use in noisy stage environments. The wire used is a 4 core, standard star quad mic cable and can be up to 40M long. The base station then talks to the control software running on the host PC or Mac  via a dedicated protocol over USB2. In the host system, the native protocol used between software components, is a network protocol called Eigentalk. This can run over Ethernet wires (with slightly increased latencies due to some smart jitter buffering." Via

Described by its developers as "the most expressive electronic musical instrument ever made." The Eigenharp is the brainchild invention of John Lambert, a musician and software entrepreneur, whose Devon-based team has been working on the project for eight years. Lambert says "the new instrument bridges brings a vast range of sounds and drum loops to the fingertips of live performers."

Nevertheless I don't expect rhythm guitarists to be much impressed by this instrument!

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