Tuesday 8 December 2009

Diy Solar Hamster Robot

uses a solar-cell that triggers a motor, motivating the ball to move. This robot uses a solar engine circuit, that stores power in a capacitor, (which is like a small battery). When the circuit interprets that there is enough power stored, it releases it in a burst to the motor, (as you can observe in the video), which causes the robot ball to swiftly move across the pavement.

This diy project, it is claimed, is extremely simple and can take a beginner less than 2 hours to build ? Serious diy builders maybe, but that probably doesn't include the sourcing of parts and reading the instructions for building it !

The Miniball itself was originally invented by Richard Weait of North York, Toronto, using minimal electronics and simple mechanical design called BEAM robotics.Here is the link to build it! Alternatively you may prefer to simply buy it as a kit!

Otherwise be sure to head on over to this other video by Bre Petis of Make magazine to see "How to make other DIY Solar Sensing BEAM Robots"
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