Saturday 24 October 2009

Stoked by Suzuki's carbon free mobility effort

There's no doubt that fuel cell powered electric motor vehicles look to offer another positive conduit forward for consumer interurban mobility. The first of Suzuki’s carbon free cars, the SX4 will be released 2010 are electric powered fuel cell vehicles and according to Gizmag;

"Suzuki’s carbon free mobility effort at the Tokyo Motor Show used three existing models to demonstrate the benefits of its growing hydrogen fuel cell expertise: the SX4 fuel cell car, a two-wheeler based on the existing Burgman 125 feet-forward enclosed scooter, and the fuel cell powered Mio Electric Wheelchair. Although Suzuki also showed a plug-in hybrid version of the Swift, another existing car being adapted to a future power train, the company is clearly staking a claim in the Fuel Cell technology arena."

Yes, I'm mostly impressed by Suzuki's fuel cell powered Mio Electric Wheelchair, which..

"employs a direct methanol fuel cell that directly supplies methanol to the cell for reaction along with a large-capacity Li-ion secondary battery. The wheelchair can run 40 km or more with one recharge (4 L) of methanol solution. It allows easier handling because there is no need to recharge from the mains power source."

How cool and convenient is that ?
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