Friday 23 October 2009

The Dyson Air Multiplier; a blade-less Fan

Usually, fans create a cool stream of air by chopping and pushing air, with angled, rotating blades. The Dyson Air Multiplier, by contrast, blows just a single sheet of air, from a thin opening towards the rear of its circular wing. The Air Multiplier hides the blower in the base, forcing the air through a ring of vents which are aerodynamically contrived to "multiply" the strength of its airstream.

The Dyson Air Multiplier appears likely becoming the new symbol for cool or staying cool in an ever increasing global warming world, except to say the 10" fan may not be so cool at $300US. Nevertheless the benefits override the cost of this invention, in that the fan needs no safety grill, and what few parts there are can be easily cleaned. It runs on a small motor, and airflow can be fully regulated with a dimmer switch. It tilts and oscillates, and can be set on a continuum of speeds with a dial on the front.

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