Tuesday 8 September 2009


is JVC’s new revolutionary video camera and is the world’s first with QuickTime format support, recording footage to widely used SDHC cards, which enables the ability to increase work-flow speeds enabling shoot and start editing in minutes!

The camera includes a sophisticated focus assist, uncompressed audio, optical image stabilization, and has hot swappable capability It has a solid, full-size handle with two XLR inputs, a comfortable, full-size color view¬finder (not the dinky kind found on most miniature camcorders), a zoom rocker switch that’s sensitive enough to produce slow controlled zooms, and perfect ergonomic balance. and it weighs less than 3lbs.

This handsome little puppy makes it the ideal ultra-compact video camera for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Go check out the full specs within this review in millimeter and or the more extensive coverage plus pictures at the DV Show.
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