Tuesday 11 August 2009


happens, as is evident in this video, to a huge number of marine and bird species like the Stingray pictured here, strangled by fishing tackle. Similarly far too many seabirds consume and suffocate having ingested on a feast of plastic pellets, bottle caps, polystyrene, et al.

There is a huge acreage of swirling plastic debris collectively drifting off the West coast of North America via the worlds natural oceanographic currents. This insidious plastic swirling soup in the North Pacific is being investigated by a team of researchers and scientists, Project Kaisei who are looking into ways to remove the plastic debris and turn it into fuel.
"We're working on capture technology, all in our effort to figure out the most energy efficient way to collect the debris in the ocean,"

Their first task is to invent a successful capture technology that can be scalable, thus the plastic could go from ocean trash to recyclable treasure.
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