Thursday 13 August 2009

Eccerobot: Engineering a new era of Robot development

The Eccerobot research company claims to have initiated a new paradigm in robotics. They are attempting to echo the kinetic motions of human movement by building robots to imitate or copy every detailed structure and action of human limb performance:

"a new kind of robot is just beginning to emerge – the anthropomimetic robot. Instead of just copying the outward form of a human, it copies the inner structures and mechanisms – bones, joints, muscles, and tendons – and thus has the potential for human‐like action and interaction in the world. Unfortunately, there are as yet no established methods for controlling such robots, or even for describing their intrinsic movement patterns."

Although not evident in this video, the company is aiming to engineer their robots into having cognitive features, in order to involve robots in human interaction. Perhaps these developments will help alleviate from us many mundane tasks that doormen in hotel lobby's fulfill or hospital orderlies assisting laborious tasks.

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