Tuesday 7 April 2009

The Ascent by SWARM

Theatrical performance percussion group, SWARM

" is a Vancouver based percussion group that is dedicated to giving voice to the objects in the world around us - particularly those that have been discarded or disused. Based on the invented instruments and industrial drum sculptures of Bill Wallace, SWARM is a creative collective combining movement, music and mass. The intense physical antics and driving primal rhythms of SWARM energizes any crowd. Founded in 1995 SWARM engineers unique musical events. ranging from children's theatre to sight specific performances and workshops to multimedia theatrical events. SWARM has played thousands of shows for tens of thousands of breathless audiences in North America."

This video was shot live at the Maurice Young Millennium Place Theater. The music was
Composed by Bill Wallace & SWARM and performed by Bill Wallace, Curtis Mathewson, Sasha Levin, Lauren Weisler & Marc Ruel.
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