Thursday 5 March 2009

Papervision3D Panorama: Lets go Snorkeling !

From a technical point of view, this panorama is a cube segmented by 7×7x7, for a total of 294 triangles. Each face has its own material that is loaded separately. (NB. the panorama may take a little while to load)

Use your mouse and these techniques to play with the scene.

Press Space or click on the fish icon to target the last selected fish.

Use the Shift key to switch to a mouse wheel controlled top view of the scene.

"Papervision3D now has integrated QuadTree support. For those of you who aren’t sure what this means - it is a technique of subdividing the screen into smaller and smaller regions to resolve potential conflicts between triangles".

To see the tringles in action, after these pages load run your mouse through this figure. Gaming developers are finding new ways to include movement within panoramic fields. Manipulate this image with your mouse of these heads.
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