Friday 6 March 2009

Cali Lewis: Shiny Happy Tech Geek Seeks Job in Australia

Cali offers us her insights on th latest product refresh from Apple who’ve updated iMacs, the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro.

"Out of everything that’s changed, I’m most excited about the new Airport Extreme. It now simultaneously and separately supports 2.4GHz data Wi-Fi AND 5GHz Wi-Fi. That means your need for speed on your computer isn’t throttled by all the 2.4GHz wireless devices you have in your house. The new Extreme also supports up to 50 users and guests can be on a different network to keep data on your network secure."

Although I'm a Mac user, the latest update to the mini is beyond a joke when it comes to putting the readies down on one Australia, read why here. Also its interesting to note that the mini has among its ports a Firewire 800, whereas in the latest Macbooks the Firewire port has been omitted. Maybe they realised to late in the production that they simply made a mistake in not including it ?

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