Saturday 11 October 2008

Use Your iPhone to Experience Hallucinatory Audio Synthesis with RJDJ

Reality Jockey Ltd has just released 2 iphone apps that simulate hallucinatory audio synthesis inwhich users interact while listening. This process in technical terms is called cybernetic, (or control mechanisms utilizing feedback principles).

See in this video how listeners discover the RjDj application and you hear what they hear.

Using the microphone of your iPhone, RjDj takes the sounds of whatever ambient environment you find yourself in and morphs them into the single built-in track on the free version, or into one of six tracks on the album version, to both create and influence the music you hear.

The program also allows you to record the unique sensations you have while walking through the city, sitting with friends at a cafe, or playing with children in the garden, which you can save and listen to like a normal music track. Well, maybe not normal, but the effects are stunning, sometimes jarring, nonetheless.

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