Sunday 12 October 2008

ILoveSketch: a 3D curve sketching system

that captures some of the affordances of pen and paper for professional designers, allowing them to iterate directly on concept 3D curve models. The system coherently integrates existing techniques of sketch-based interaction with a number of novel and enhanced features. Novel contributions of the system include automatic view rotation to improve curve sketchability, an axis widget for sketch surface selection, and implicitly inferred changes between sketching techniques. We also improve on a number of existing ideas such as a virtual sketchbook, simplified 2D and 3D view navigation, multi-stroke NURBS curve creation, and a cohesive gesture vocabulary.

The device has just been released by the Dynamic Graphics Project of the University of Toronto researchers. The iLovesketch looks to be very useful in bridging the gap between concept art and a fully rendered 3d model. Or in other words a really impressive translation of standard flat pseudo-3D sketching into 3D models and it also looks very intuitive for artists to use.

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