Monday 26 November 2007

Methane-Eating Bacteria Could Combat Global Warming

New Zealand scientists have found a bacterium, named Methylokorus infernorum, that feasts on methane, considered the second most abundant greenhouse gas behind carbon dioxide. Found in a hot spring, the bug lives off of methane emissions from geothermically active areas. A scientist quoted in the article stated that a cubic meter of liquid containing the bacterium would consume about 11kg of methane each year. But Dr Stott cautioned that such an application was probably some years into the future. He said it was unlikely the micro-organism, which prefers acidic conditions of about 60C, could ever be added to sheep or cows' food to stop the animals releasing methane.

Yes I've always believed that if something is made on earth then there's bound to be an agent or thing in the earth that will enable it's destruction (cf posted a blog inwhich Russian Scientists seem to have discovered a new mineral that totally neutralizes radioactively charged water )

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