Wednesday 28 November 2007

Aerion Supersonic Business Jet To Begin Flights 2014

Do you think that a normal flight over the ocean from Paris to New York takes too much time but you'd like to deport in less than 4 and a half hours and do this by flying at 1.6 Mach? Aerion Supersonic Business Jet is the answer for all this questions. Aerion Corporation is now developing a Supersonic Business Jet.... continue reading

Here is a CNBC video introduction to Supersonic Business Jets said to begin service 2013 and this video highlights a problem for the USA;
Commercial supersonic flights across the North American airspace are presently against the law, not so almost everywhere else except for some provisions that countries implemented during the Concorde era.

Pollution wise this Jet won't be using Afterburn after reaching cruising speed and its fuel consumption will be less than half the amount a contemporary jet currently uses.

It appears as though this Aircraft has come to the forefront because of this man.

Source and Video
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