Monday 18 June 2007

Sanyo Projector Technology Breakthrough

The image reveals this devices' spearhead in front of a growing market in video projectors. The Sanyo Projector is that little grey box on a stand in front of what appears to be a glass window. Yes the projector is just 8cm from the screen and is projecting an image 80cm wide. Obviously Sanyo has made an important inventive advancement in optical projection. This means that a teacher or presenter can stand behind the projector and not be gifted by the projectors searingly bright projection path.

Sanyo predicts that the 1024 x 768 resolution device will open up a realm of new uses, including projecting moving images from above onto a school floor for interactive learning, displaying advertising on ceilings or windows and even as a tool for architects or town planners to study plans on a collaborative work surface.
Other functions of note are a vibration-sensitive anti-theft alarm, a quick cool-down routine and a hue adjustment mode that allows images projected onto non-white surfaces - including the greener variety of blackboards - to be displayed correctly.
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