Wednesday 23 May 2007

Tune-In Italy (online or off)

Founded in 2004, RadioArteMobile is an online radio station and more. The Italian organization creates programming, on and off the internet, that explores the ever-evolving relationship between sound and visual art. These projects extend to exhibitions and public events, and RAM most recently helped found Rome's Sound Art Museum, which will appropriately be run by run by a visual artist, curator, and musicologist/composer. The institution was inaugurated with an exhibition called Inaudita, the title of which means unprecedented as well as unheard. Granted, the show presented artists fairly steeped in audio art practice (Vito Acconci, Markus Huemer, Donatella Landi, Stephen Vitiello, and Achim Wollscheid), but attempted to provide new context both for an Italian audience and with broader regard to the sound/image relationship. All of these shows and, of course, RAM's radio shows, are archived online and the group takes pride in the 'mobility' of their archives--making th! em more approachable to a diverse international audience. Remain dialed-in for further developments. - James Petrie via Rhizome

................running the mouse over the letters after the jump reveal some pretty bright neat sound samples...............

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