Monday 21 May 2007

77 Million Paintings by Brian Eno

Brian Eno's 77 Million Flights of Fancy
But are they really paintings, aren't they just computer graphics of the generative kind ? Its going to be interesting to see if aestheticians of fine art will accept this new genre (what Eno describes as visual poetry) as paintings, except to say that we will have to throw out the notion that 'paintings' can be other than real objects and accept that 'paintings' can also be accepted as virtual objects !
Eno's website is moreso a sales a pitch for his 'at home installation'. When we first visit his site we are introduced to his concept thru a a little audio introduction about his art and his music - his voice is as crisp as his computer graphics and I say computer graphics because they are not really paintings ! Paintings are real objects that are viewed on a wall - paintings are painted onto a real surface. If we are going to accept Eno's latest installation artwork as paintings then we will have to include all the generative computer graphics like the iTunes visualiser and all of the other 'visual poetry' type generative computer art just for starters, after that there billions more of screen based virtuae !
(I have just created this word virtuae to denote a plural of virtual)such as can be seen as a slide show or a movie or an animation ?
No they are paintings in name only and really is a slow moving ambient visual poetry for Airports or lounge rooms. He may have had more luck coming up with this idea before generative computer graphics had come about, Nevertheless, if he can make a buck or two then good luck to him. Personally I believe he would make much more money selling Photographs of his gallery installations on ebay !
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