Saturday 13 July 2013

Throwable camera takes awesome in-the-air images

A bit larger than a cricket ball and smaller than a baseball, the Squito, a throwable panoramic video camera provides users to capture stabilised full "360° spherical panoramic video and high-resolution images over the course of its airborne trajectory."

Although the inventor, Steve Hollinger, says his device is packed with sensors, one is given to speculate that there is in all likelihood,  accelerators and gyroscopic sensors housed in this device merely because it knows which orientation it's in when spinning and or drifting thru the air. Simultaneously as it's flying through the air, the device at any given time is reorienting and stitching individual frames into panorama's, not only but also on the fly, captured footages are being sent wirelessly to a smartphone.

Click through to view a well made demonstration video.

Undoubtedly this unique throwable camera has many potential uses for recreational, artistic  and professional applications like action sports, environmental and reconnaissance mapping, the only consideration not accounted for, among the salubrious technical details is whether or not how well it will bounce ?

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