Sunday 24 February 2013

Wondrous 'Superplexus Circles' 3D structure puzzle game

From simply learning to ride a bicycle through to driving a car or flying an aircraft, mind body coordination is without saying a specific demand and fact of modern life for most people.

Some of us choose to develop and advance their mind/body motion skills in order to fly military aircraft or steer ships through the gulf and one way some enjoy achieving this, is by playing complex physical structure games, not unlike Superplexus.

'Superplexus Circles' is both a physical 3D rotational spheroidal structure and mentally and physically demanding game that happens between hand and eye motion dynamics. Achieved by a solo player precisely coordinating his or her body/mind dexterity and concentration to keep a wooden ball rolling to its conclusive point in the game.

Requiring superb concentration of mind and body or a harmonious fluidity of motion enabling one to navigate a ball through immensely complex network of chicanes, multiplayer hairpin turns, spirals, staircases and even a vortex. This feat can best be accomplished by being totally aware and in control of where the Gimbal is in relation to the Gimbal lock as the skilled craftsman explains in this following video demonstration.

According to the  maker the completion of the game takes an hour if your able to avoid the ball from falling. This unknown and understated skilled craftsman refers to having had a lot of fun making it from birch, aircraft plywood, acrylic, Jatoba, and stainless steel, as a  commission to a private collector.

Read more about these titillating and entertaining puzzle games here, and discover why people with Asperger syndrome are highly competent with this type of game.

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