Friday 6 April 2012

Google Demo's Glass Project AR Concept Eyewear

We can all surely attest to the notion of how in the last few years computers are getting smaller so much so, that smart-phones and tablets are taking over the realm of the average user. Largely speaking more people are becoming more switched onto the idea of ditching their computers since discovering their smart-phones and tablets can perform all the functions their computers did plus much more.

The iPhone and iPad provided the main sources for this switch and as we all know Apple never releases a new product until they're satisfied that it's finished, whereas Google introduces their products well before their ultimate conclusion more so as ongoing developments such as their Chrome operating system.

True to Google's intentions they have recently unveiled their concept AR (augmented-reality)  Glass Project, in which the user can control music, get directions, take pictures, give voice commands and do video chats. The glasses are really just a band that rests on the nose, so it seems like the wearer does something like look up to engage with the display, as can be seen in the following video.

At this point in the development one can only speculate if this device goes into production some time, perhaps next year may also one day replace the need for a mobile phone, but much harder to foresee it replacing a computer ?

Nevertheless. Do you think, that Google may one day in the future may be able to say all your mobile gadgets belong to us ?

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