Thursday 9 February 2012

Mega-Float: A Floating Airport Concept

looks to be stepping out of its cocoon to unveil the worlds first floating airport, in Japan, no less ? But how could this be, in one of the most seismically active volatile regions ?

In the wake of the heavily populated mega city complexes of some small wealthy East Asian nations, real estate options for new aircraft landing transversals, have narrowed. Thus land being of prime financially lucrative concern and the simple need for more living space, concept  engineers and researchers look to the next big available space  - the ocean itself.

Hence the arrival of a floating airport concept, in this instance, Mega-Float.

"Mega-Float is very large artificial island floating on the sea. The technology to design, fabricate and construct Mega-Float had been developed by Technological Research Association of Mega-Float (TRAM) comprised of seventeen leading shipbuilding companies and steel companies in Japan from 1995 to 2000."

Interestingly, Mega-Flloat is a seriously organised and funded enterprise that the thorough planning and researched cost and constructive efforts appears to be growing out of its conceptual eggshell at a into  a fully fledged do-able package.

I do nevertheless wonder what engineering marvels they have in store to cope with their supremely gifted famously huge tsunamis ?

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