Wednesday 29 February 2012

Heavily conceptualised futuristic holography enabled iPad

Eagerly awaiting the release of the third version of iPad due to be released next week, iPad and Apple enthusiasts alike behave similarly to circling buzzards over an almost breathless animal.

From nigh on approximately 2 months before Apple even makes an  announcement of an upcoming product release, Apple rumour sites and bloggers trigger and enliven discussion about almost all upcoming Apple devices. Notwithstanding many an active design conceptualist add their possible future candidates.

Aatma a 3D animation and digital content studio, here in the video below, provides us an awesome conceptual futuristic bevel-less and near field magnetic connector iPad, that goes as far as featuring a 3D multiplayer holographic game.

Somewhat unbelievable no doubt but with todays computer tools, providing one has the assets and resources, almost anything seems possible, and as awesome as that bevel-less iPad design is, might it likely prove impractical from a purely user friendly experience ?

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