Monday 29 August 2011

Statistical Earthquake Prediction or uncanny piffle ?

Averting and or planning a strategy to avoid the frequent loss of life, utilities and possessions that occurs after a devastating natural disaster is usually based on the amount of available time we get that informs us of a pending disaster.

Youtube user robbiek77 has noticed a rather alarming statistic of three recent earthquake events that have occurred in Chile, New Zealand and Japan. In the video here he shows that each earthquake happened exactly 188 days apart and goes onto predict with his math and ruler that California may expect a similar event in a few weeks time or 188 days since Japan, ie September 15.

He speculates in his video notes;
"So, if this next BIG Earthquake is indeed going to be in California U.S.A. by way of measuring the timing and the global mapping - then why has the beloved and elite scientists not made you aware ? It took a brother from a message board I used to work it out - SURELY These scientists have worked it out? If so - why have they not told you on the nightly news?"

Although the 188 day period between these recent natural disasters seems uncannily accurate, nature rarely exhibits such finite accuracy, or, in this instance we hope it doesn't !

I'm happy to report that  if you may have been holding your breath on September 15,  "A 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck early Friday in the Fiji islands region of the Pacific Ocean, the U.S. Geological Survey reported."  And although a destructive tsunami was not generated, the quake struck at a depth of 626 kms, (390 miles) below the earth's surface and caused no harm. The next day another 6.6 Mag. 60 miles offshore of Japan's east coast.

So, although there appeared to be an earthquake when robbiek77's hypothetical stated, it  proved unremarkable for his predicated location. So unless you think this deserves further discussion, I welcome you as always, to submit any comments you may have, below.
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